When Your Porcelain Throne Looks Rough...

When Your Porcelain Throne Looks Rough...

A bathroom remodeling project from Lexren is in order

Over the years, your bathroom has deteriorated. It’s too unsightly to ignore for much longer. Get rid of your eyesore with a remodel from experienced contractors in Endicott, and the Tri-City area, including Binghamton, NY. We help a variety of residential and commercial property owners in the surrounding area. Whether you have a business to run or a house to maintain, you can frequent a nicer bathroom.

Lexren will repair or replace walls and damaged fixtures. We’ll also install new flooring and plumbing appliances. Let our experienced general contractors construct your bathroom oasis. Once you call 607-245-6217 for your free estimate, we can create a building plan within one week.

Bathroom Remodeling in the Endicott, Binghamton, NY Area

Important questions to ask yourself before you start a bathroom remodeling

We strive to make sure everyone is on the same page. Feel free to ask us questions like these:

  1. What’s your timeline? We want to measure up to your expectations.
  2. Who will you contract? We’ll provide references for external hires.
  3. What materials do you use? You can always demand the best.
  4. Will you go over budget? We’ll always let you make the final call.

Trust Lexren Home Improvements to create your Endicott or Binghamton area bathroom remodel with ease.